Unhappy Mediums : Response By: Conscientious Observer

Yeh lets go after these fraudsters and charletons. They’re easy to get at. Whether or not they actually help people is irrelevant… We do have the choice of not using their services and perhaps they should be regulated. But what about the other fraudsters and charletons currently in out political and judical systems? We don’t have the choice of not being affected by these fraudsters (politicians / lawyers / judges etc) unless we don’t live in society or if we do, don’t vote, don’t be a victim or offender, buy property etc etc. By the way I don’t think these psychic fraudsters are in the same legue as pedophiles and should not be regarded on the same level. Pedophilia, if you actually think about it, is not a service that the children can choose to use, nor does pedophilia offer those vulnerable victims hope or put them at ease. Most Psychics won’t inflict and continually inflict their irrational perverseness on children. That is of course if they are a pedophile and the parents are stupid enough to continually take them to this person. It’s a pity such a morally, psychologically and physically devastating activity (pedophilia), can’t be ‘punishable by death’ or castration etc.

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