maltby cemetery

Ok, for those of you wanting to know about this place. Here is my story. Back in 1983 our Friday nights were, get beer and go someplace to drink. The place of the night was Maltby. We had heard all the stories and I have had my share of ( sightings ) . If you are open to the other side, you are more prone to be effected by it. I didnt feel good about going to this place, gut feeling. And Im not one to get scared, Im the one jumping into anything to check it out. But not this time. As the guys drank there beer and my girlfriend and I stayed in the van, it was apparent they meant to freak us out. They dared us to cross the metal pillars. Anyone that has been there knows what Im talking about. On that note, we agreed. My girlfriend and I held hands, said a prayer and took three steps in past ( the gates to hell ) which was as simple as walking past the two pillars. How hard could that be ? Wrong. the air turned very misty, all sound was gone. We didnt hear a thing. At the same time without saying a word we turned to see the guys, they were yelling we could tell but we couldnt hear a word they were saying, we than heard noises from the grave sites to our left, at that point we both took off to run out, and like the movies, our feet wiped out and we hit the mud and beings as scared as we were and so close to the pillars we didnt even bother trying to stand we crawled back past the pillars. The moment we passed back, there was sound to the air and we heard the guys. We got up and ran to the van and insisted leaving ASAP.We couldnt at the time tell them what we felt, but it was clear they didnt have anything to do with it. I have never felt such evil before not do I ever want to. I grew up with ghosts in out home but not like that. There have been many people that traveled to that place, it was the ( High=School ) thing to do. Some people felt what we did, some just had a good time and didnt see or feel anything. But the fact is, its a very evil place. From the minute you leave the main road to go up the gravel, its not a good place. I never went back, but heard they have cleaned it up alot, repaired it, ( its not the same ) there were stories they had many spirit guides try to put the souls to rest. There were cars that were said to have been chased out of there by devil worshipers and crashed on the hillside out, the cars were there. The story is you could still hear them screaming if you listened. That I didnt sit around to hear. But they were said to have taken the cars out years ago. ?? Not going back to find out!
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