What abilities do you have and how do they work?

I m a 34 year old male with different abilities. For many generations my family have been sensitives, protecters, and healers. Most of them are female. I follow a blood line of medicine men& woman and also some shawmen. Although most of my family with these gifts are woman the males have been more sensitive. […]

What Lies Beyond

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About Chris

R.I.P. is the brainchild of Chris Matheny, Co-Founder & Chief Investigator for this organization. Chris has been haunted since he was five years old and has discovered his psychic and empathic abilities. […]

Woman knew what I was thinking?

I hope I haven’t posted about this before. I’ve been reading through old threads, and there’s so much I don’t remember posting. So, this happened about five years ago, back during a more positive time in my life, but I’ve always been kind of insecure about my body type, and at this particular time, I […]