Ghost and Spirit Video

A ghost or spectre is the manifestation of a person or animal that has passed from the physical world.


New Research Study in Paranormal Belief – Need Your Help!

The PRG is doing new research on Paranormal Beliefs of Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators. We are looking for both individuals who are and are NOT Paranormal Investigators / Ghost Hunters to take this survey. It’s open to everyone. It is completely anonymous and the results will be presented on their website ( and/or in […]

Haunted and/or Cursed Photo

This was posted to eBay. Since it is a photo I am assuming it is Media.×10-Possible-Zombie-1960s-Old-Couple-Scary-Vampire-/200917439696?clk_rvr_id=470374068989&cmd=ViewItem&category=1467

Please let me know what you all make of this. Go to Source