Geomancy Video

Geomancy or science of the sand, uses signs and markings on the ground or patterns created by tossing handfuls of soil, rocks, or sand to interpret the subtle energies of the earth.


Ley Line Video

Ley lines are the term used for the straight tracks that connect through geographical and historical places in the UK like Stonehenge. Several researchers from the 18th century onwards noted that ancient sites were built along them but, it was the amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins who first used the term Ley Line in his books […]

Ley-lines (My thoughts)

Leylines are a most curious phenomena first made famous by an author called Alfred Watkins circa 1928. His book “The Old straight Track” was inspired by a vision he had whilst hiking in the county of Herefordshire in the U.K. where he lived. The vision he had was of the countryside suddenly becoming interlaced with […]