Alternative Beliefs Video

This section aims to include information on a variety of alternative beliefs, including prophecies and ancient religions. To those who wonder what is an alternative belief, it can in fact be any form of religion or belief system as whatever faith you are, everything else would be the alternative! This section also encompasses mythology and […]

Slender Problem Continues

If you read “Slender Problem” then you already have an idea as to what this is about. I have been searching for evidence of the “Slender Man”, or the real thing itself. I have talked to many people now, searched many websites, and even read a few books. My research didn’t turn up much that […]


Living in upstate NY, I find that we’ve got tons of urban legends that aren’t too widely known outside of the area. Take for example, the story of the Turkman:

If you drive down Rector Road in Glenville, NY late at night, often you’ll see a man who carries a flashlight and a shotgun walking […]