Knew before I knew. Is that wrong?

I remember as a young child that there was something wrong with the new house my parents built to order in Spokane Washington. But I wouldn’t call the experiences haunting’s. I could feel and hear things that I kept to myself. We had a field in our backyard and it seemed that I could sense […]

Big orange mass in the sky

One night i was driving mum home from work and my gaze focused on the road however in the corner of my eye coming from above my windscreen i noticed a huge orange/red mass of light in the sky traveling at great speed. It didn’t seem like it was very high up in the sky […]

How Sure Can I be?

Ever since I was 3 I saw hooded figures, shadows and things moving around at night. I’ve told my family but quite frankly no one cared or believed me. Then pretty much I continued to see shadow people until I was 12. I denied the very existence of the paranormal and assumed I was mentally […]