How Does it All Work.

I am very serious about these questions and I thank everyone who sincerely answers them. First please allow me to say as with many if not most people I have my own beliefs but I am setting them aside because I want to hear any an all perspectives without bias or preconceived notions.

In […]

To help the dead

I have communicated with and put to rest the bodiless spirits that many people call ghosts since I was little. The best way to contact a ghost is through meditation. If you do not have your inner eye open you’ll never be able to see them. Auric senses, also known as the sixth sense, are […]

Made me wonder….

I won’t bore you all with the long story but the short if it is that several years ago I began looking into the idea of spirit guides. When I started reading up on it and looking more and more into it, for some reason I kept getting this name Jacob that seemed to resonate […]