New Research Study in Paranormal Belief – Need Your Help!

The PRG is doing new research on Paranormal Beliefs of Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators. We are looking for both individuals who are and are NOT Paranormal Investigators / Ghost Hunters to take this survey. It’s open to everyone. It is completely anonymous and the results will be presented on their website ( and/or in […]

Ancient Egyptian Statue Has Begun Moving On Its Own

Curators at the Manchester Museum say that they’ve had this particular relic, a piece of history dating back to 1800 BC, on display for 80 years, but it wasn’t until several weeks ago when they began to notice its mysterious movements.

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Antarctic’s Ice Shelves Melting From the Bottom Up

Ice shelves lose more mass through melting where the ice meets the sea than by shedding icebergs, a new study says.

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