Ley Line Video

Ley lines are the term used for the straight tracks that connect through geographical and historical places in the UK like Stonehenge. Several researchers from the 18th century onwards noted that ancient sites were built along them but, it was the amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins who first used the term Ley Line in his books […]

New Research Study in Paranormal Belief – Need Your Help!

The PRG is doing new research on Paranormal Beliefs of Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators. We are looking for both individuals who are and are NOT Paranormal Investigators / Ghost Hunters to take this survey. It’s open to everyone. It is completely anonymous and the results will be presented on their website ( and/or in […]

Angel Video

Angels or Divine Beings have been referenced in the Bible and other religious texts but do they really exist and if so, what are they?