Psychic Reading Demonstrations

There are a wealth of spiritual mediums providing psychic readings of all sorts on the internet, which we are gradually gathering here for convenience. In this section the mediums have been recorded during a live session/demonstration where they attempt to contact spirits of the deceased to pass on a message to a member of the […]

In need of help, looking for answers

I’ve looked everywhere since I’ve been a little girl for someone to help me, and I’m hoping here I can find some answers.

I’m sure on this site there are a lot of people claiming to be sensitives or mediums. Probably have some big elaborate stories about seeing a figure next to their beds, or […]

Psychic Medium Video – How To Become A Medium Tutorial

Medium video about how to become a medium. Circle experiment using blindfold clairvoyance. Video tutorials showing How To Become A Medium and Video Tutorials for How To Become A Psychic.