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A guest in my condo!

Im totally new to this forum and am going to tell about my real experiences when i lived in my condo.

I had just moved into my condo with my friend and his girlfriend. This is the first experience- I had to run to walmart for something and i go through the laundry room to get to the garage. The dryer hadnt been running all day. When i get to walmart my friend josh and his girl friend olivia call me frantic that the dryer was on fire!!! so i rush home, only to find out that the clothes inside are what started on fire.
That was the first event that made me think hmmm.

A few times in the kitchen my hallway light would turn on and off, The laundry room door would either slam open or closed, there would be knocking on walls, seeing a black shadow!!

Probably the best unexplained event, I was with Olivia and we were getting ready to go out. and we turned all the lights off (it was only 6pm, still light out) We were about to turn out the kitchen light when we saw my bedroom door open (from being closed) about 4 inches, (like he was peeking out). Then opened more and slammed shut!! After we came home all the lights in the condo were on!

For some reason i loved living there! My friend hated it! I could always tell where or when he would appear throughout the condo. Whenever i was in the shower the curtain would blow and blow, and i would get really cold, thus i knew he obviously wanted a shower lol.
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