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Abandoned or Haunted Houses in Saskatchewan

Hi all!

Just wondering if anyone knows of any haunted places around Saskatchewan. I have a few stories to share. Any Canadian stories are welcome too! 🙂

I know of a house in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. It is a huge mansion and is known as “Clifton Hall.” Encounters that people have had with the spirits who live in the house are featured in the book “More Ghost Stories of Saskatchewan.” It is an excellent book that I highly recommend!

When browsing the MSN group Supernatural Saskatchewan, i came across a post where someone had actually gone to the house, stood outside and got three EVPs! It was really exciting to hear because I went to the old house this past summer with my uncle to see what we could catch on film. Moose Jaw is also a very small, old city with a lot of history. Anyways, we went to the back of the house and this is where people say that you can catch a glimpse of an apparition of a little girl dressed in a white nightgown, standing on the balcony. We didn’t see anything at the back, however I did get some static while filming the balcony, and perhaps it was because of all the energy!

When we went to the front of the house, an orb appeared near the roof and hovered around the attic. It was really exciting. I wish I could post the video but it was a HI-8 camera and not a digital 😛
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