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An angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said : Question

What does it mean when you have prophetic dreams that can be independently verified by others? How many of you have prophetic dreams, independently verified or otherwise? Is there something I should be doing? During my early adolescence I began to get déja vu pretty regularly, 1-2 times every couple weeks. Often the experiences would be very intense and last up to 20-30 seconds. Eventually, déja vu gave way to what I call déja rêvé (previously discussed here). I no longer have the intense feeling that something has happened before, or that I’ve seen it before. Now I have the intense feeling that I’ve dreamt the exact same situation before. Usually I don’t remember I had the dream until the experience happens. Then I get this intense rush when I realize I dreamt the situation before. During that rush, I have 100% confidence that I’ve dreamt the situation before. After the feeling fades, I have ~75% confidence.

I would shrug these experiences off as “mental glitches” or the unfortunate side effect of too many psychedelics in my youth, but a.) these sort of things started happening before I ever took drugs, and b.) they have been independently verified by others.

Here’s a recent example of them being independently verified. About 3 months ago, I woke up in the morning and told my wife that I had a very peculiar and vivid dream. In the dream, I was lying in our bed working on the laptop in a room I didn’t recognize. We were living in a real small apartment and we had a cat. The dream seemed weird at the time because we had a huge apartment, and had no intention of moving or getting cat. I forgot about the dream, as people normally do. But lo and behold, about 2 weeks after I had the dream, we adopted a stray kitten we found on the street. The day after we got the kitten, we found out that we were getting kicked out of our apartment for unrelated reasons. After a month of searching and moving, we found a little two room place that everybody just seemed to love. So we moved in, and a few weeks after that I had the weird déja vu/déja rêvé thing and remembered that I had dreamt of the place, the cat, and me on the bed working on the computer. I asked my wife if she remembered me telling her about the dream, and she said, “holy shit, I do!” So, that’s one example of what I’m talking about. I’ve had them independently verified other times, but it was usually something stupid, like a party or random exchange at the grocery store.

If I don’t drink and stay completely sober, I get these kinds of experiences as often as 2-3 times a week, or as few times as 1-2 a month.

The recent event described above had a profound effect on me. More than usual for some reason. I have a strange call to action, but don’t know what I should be doing about it besides start paying more attention to my dreams.

How many of you have had experiences like this?

Is there anything I should be doing in response to these dreams, experiences, etc?

I have my own theories, but would like to ask Mefi, “What does it mean? What are the ramifications of this?”
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