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Astral Projection Videos

Astral Projection – 240 Questions Answered – A Series Of 5 Videos (FREE)

Astral Projection, an extraordinary psychic phenomenon, is an intriguing, controversial and extremely potent fodder for the strongest of debates.

Astral Projection (commonly called out-of-body-experiences) is a process through which the human consciousness (soul) can temporarily leave the physical body and travel anywhere, unrestricted by any physical boundaries.

There are countless articles and websites catering to Astral Projection, many of which are not very reliable. However, there is one really innovative and recent release that cuts through the clutter, and explains Astral Projection the way it really is.

This is a set of 5 videos that answers 240 Astral Projection questions in a really lucid and clear manner. As I discovered to my surprise, this set of videos is one of its kind, and understandably, growing enormously popular through word of mouth reviews.

These videos truly have valuable information that can demystify all the mysteries shrouding the concept of Astral Projection.

What blew me away was the fact that these 5 videos, with more than 2 hours of playing time, was being released absolutely free!

Created by Abhishek Agarwal, an icon of his own merit in the field of Astral Projection, these videos are aimed at bringing clarity to the entire phenomenon of Astral Projection among the multitude of fake information available online.

Abhishek’s name adds a lot of credibility to the content that has been packed into these videos, as he has more than 15 years of experience in the field.

The videos are very comprehensive and all the intricate details in the concept of astral projection have been explained in layman’s language. They are bound to clear many of your existing doubts on astral travel too.

Abhi scores greatly with the background music used for the videos. The music does not intrude the narration in any way whatsoever but it adds more value to the videos by managing to keep people hooked onto its trance.

The videos start off with references to an online survey conducted by Abhishek among a group of 500 people who were interested in learning more about Astral Travel. He lists down the various questions that he had raised among them, pertaining to their experience in reaching unseen realms, their belief in the entire concept of Astral Travel, and the main reason they are apprehensive in actually trying out their astral adventure.

In this regard, the videos do cover a lot of ground. Ranging from the most juvenile of questions (yes, people can be very naïve in issues regarding the mystic sciences) to the most hard-hitting ones, the videos have them all.

I have seen people trying to fight their inner curiosity by labeling astral projection as dangerous without a second shot. These videos should really prove clear things for them.

A lot of questions in the video revolve around the factor of fear that is usually associated with astral projection, mainly due to the lack of awareness among the public about the entire phenomena.

Astral Projection is a natural way to connect with the unknown and work towards answering the quintessential questions about the purpose of your existence and the ultimate meaning of life.

Many questions also revolve around the methods through which one can project into the astral realm. An Out Of Body Experience (OOBE) can be attained only in a deep state of relaxation or meditation. For this, the entire body needs to be at rest and in a state of effective trance. This can be best attained through a variety of techniques, including visualization and vibration techniques.

The videos advocate the need to have a clear mind, wiped off all worries and everyday disturbances. Once you have the discipline and the dedication towards achieving astral harmony, the other pieces will fall into place by themselves.

Abhishek also makes it clear that there are no risks involved in the process; and that no harm can occur to one’s astral self during the process in the astral plane. Fear is the major stumbling block that prevents many people from experiencing this out of the world experience. So you should make sure never to let fear influence your decisions come what may.

These videos have been neatly prepared, with a crisp narrative that can be easily followed, as Abhishek goes through the 240 frequently, and not-so-frequently asked questions.

Another thing that deserves a mention is that these videos are available entirely free of cost. Information of this magnitude seldom comes free. So it took me a lot of time to convince myself that this was indeed created without any money in mind, and with solely the passion for the astral world in heart.

Not only has Abhishek provided the videos free of cost, he has also included a 100-Page transcript of the entire content that is available on the videos!

Moreover, you can watch the videos using any of the commonly available media players. So that’s one problem down. However, the files are quite large and can take some time to download if your Internet connection is slow. The videos are worth the wait, though!

If you are a first timer in the field of astral projection, you will be floored by the smooth narrative and truckload of information that has been packed into these videos. This is exactly what these videos aim at accomplishing – and they have hit the right chord throughout!

I personally think that these videos should be a huge success, given the work involved in their making and the quality of the final result.

Download Astral Projection – 240 Questions Answered (5 Videos) here

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