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Bad luck or what?

I need some insight…..bad!! I can’t figure it out to save my life and I need some opinions…bad luck? haunting? bad energy?

My husband and I moved to the country about 6 years ago. Since the move things have from good to bad to worse….and I’m afraid to say anymore than that. When we first signed the contract, we were responsible for getting a surveyor. Surveyor came out but never submitted paperwork….had to close without a survey. The day we moved in the septic backed up. A couple of months later the well went out. A couple of months after that a windy rainstorm picked up our metal building throwing into our roof ( and somersaulting across the house to land on the opposite side), causing a hole and letting rain in….eventually causing the ceiling to collaspe. Everything the metal building was covering was damaged….including digital pics of my son when he was a baby. After that had happened we called the company to come and remove the building, but were told they were not responsible. My husband took the building apart and his leg slipped and a piece of rebar went through his leg, which resulted in a staph infection. A few months after that the outside unit on our brand new AC went out. Then my husband decided he wanted to start his own business. He bought a dump truck to deliver gravel. He hired someone to replace the carbureter (sp?) and when it was done, took it for a spin and the engine caught fire. Shortly after that, the transmission in my car went out. After it was fixed, not even a year later another problem with the thermostat and water pump came up .In August the inside unit on the AC went out and the driveshaft on my husband truck fell out A month ago, another problem with the well came up. This time it went dry…we tried to lower the pump but it went 6 inches and hit the bottom. Then my husband truck wouldn’t come out of park, he put new fuses init but when he tried to go from park to reverse, the fuses blew. We’re having a problem with mice in the house (3 in the last 5 weeks.) And last night the AC went out again….There are more things that have happened, but those are the biggies. We are now so broke that we can’t afford anything anymore and have completely shot our credit in the past few years…..Is any of this associated with a haunting? I feel like the land is jinxed. We bought this because it was a foreclosure and have no idea of the owners before us. The area that we live in was once part of Comanche territory if that means anything. I haven’t heard anything or really seen anything (I think I see dark figures at night, but it could be from the light of the TV.) Just lots of “bad luck” and I feel like something is telling us in it’s own way to go away. Our finances have never been so bad…..before we moved here we made less and had more money to spend on splurging, now we’re lucky to buy groceries.
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