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I’m the Writer/Director of “Beyond”, the paranormal TV Series. Although the series has just completed its Comcast and Space Channel licenses and gone into recent DVD release it is not entirely the end of “Beyond”.

The series investigated 52 subjects of paranormal phenomena in depth to the leading edge of academic research. The information in the series is very “current” and it is our intention to keep it up to date. To this end every couple of years we will add specials to explore new advances in information on the subject. The purpose for making this post is not to sell the series… it’s already been sold and is now in second license markets. The purpose for this post is basically twofold:

1. To put out the word for any leading edge information on any paranormal subject to keep us current and at the forefront of the subjects. Anything that gives a fresh angle on what is happening within a given phenomenon that you have not seen before on TV and 2. A “Hello” from to say I am available for questions if anyone has any from the series or about paranormal subjects not related to the series. Anything from the small questions to the big questions like “Is there scientific proof of life beyond death?”

I’ve not added a link to series site in order to avoid trolling issues but if you need to prove I’m real you can go to the “Beyond” site and email the info there… put “for Steve” in the subject line and I’ll respond accordingly.
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