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Deciphering my dreams : Response By: bradly

Long time lucid dreamer/dream interpreter.

These are all (with the exception of #6) attributable to fear in your life.

1- Fear of invasion/security. Think business, relationships, and the obvious: home.
2- Fear of unsettled disaster or future problems stemming from life crises (Death or plane recovery prior to crash in this situation would mean loose ends are wrapped up)
3- Fear of losing control or doing something irrational.
4- Fear of personal weakness during times of crisis
5- I think this is a legitimate fear of drowning..
6- Means you have gifts you aren’t expressing fully in your wake life. (Doesn’t it feel good to show off? I used to have a variation of #6 frequently)

Take these with a grain of salt, but overall I would recommend pushing forward in your life with confidence!

Find comfort in unsurety for the future and the happy dreams will recur 🙂
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