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Should psychics face tougher controls? By Diane

It is with interest in uniformity and fairness that I ask the question:

“If the new legislation is to keep people (in this instance psychics) honest, then when will this legislation be passed on to those people entrusted with more important things than the services that psychics offer? It would be nice to know that forecasting and promise-making by financial advisors, investors, civil servants, doctors and politicians to name a few, would be enforceable by law if their ‘predictions’ failed to meet up with reality!”

Oh, now its a different story hey? Well, actually no, it’s not.

Everyone can have a ‘bad hair day’, psychics included, and NO! I am NOT a psychic. I am just bemused at the rants and raves of controllers in positions of power who make and apply these laws and ‘ethics’ that they mete out to others yet do not apply these same laws and ethics to themselves.

Let’s get with the program, and change things by stopping hypocrisy and taking care of how we personally conduct ourselves. Who knows, it might just spread!

Cheers, Diane H

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