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an Angel of the Lord : Response By: grumblebee

If you are really and truly having prophetic dreams, what does that mean?

It means that on Monday, Tuesday already exists (if it didn’t, you couldn’t tap into it with your dream). Which answers the free will question. No matter what we "decide" now, the dream will come true, because the dream is a report of our fate.

Unless the dream is just one possible future. If dreams are just possible futures, then they aren’t very powerful. I can make up possible futures without dreaming. (Either I will move to a new city next year or I won’t.)

If the future does already exist and you’re tapped into it, that necessarily makes you a very unique and special person. Most people aren’t tapped into it. Essentially, you have a super-power.

For me, all this stuff makes Occum’s Razor kick in. I can either accept that Tuesday exists on Monday and that I have super-powers — or I can accept that it’s coincidence triggering some really powerful feelings.

Re: coincidence. Imagine writing down all the dreams remembered by all the people on Earth last night. Just given random change, how many would likely "come true" or seem predictive. I’d guess a tiny subset of these dreams — but that subset would still be a huge number.

Also given random luck, how many people on Earth are likely to have several (or even many) of these dreams during their life. If the answer was "no one", that would be really odd. That would be like saying that if we got everyone in the world to throw dice, how many would throw thirty sixes in a row. If the answer was "no one," that would be astounding!

But imagine that guy who — randomly — throws thirty sixes. He’s going to FEEL like something magical happened. And so is everyone who was watching him. Our brains are built to treat patterns as special events, because often they are (a guy who kicks us three times will probably try to kick us a forth time).

Dreams are like everyone in the world throwing dice every night — for the entire history of the human race. Some of us are going to wind up with really interesting dreams. We can view them as magical. Or we can chalk them up to randomness and selection bias. Which would Occam pick?
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