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Dream a little dream : Response By: joannemerriam

Probably a third or a fourth of my dreaming time is spent on old storylines. I have three or four recurring locations (detailed and identical in each dream, but nonetheless nonsensical in terms of real-world physics) that might crop up in any dream, too, regardless of plot. I always assumed everybody’s dreams were like this.

I can’t say I pay a whole lot of attention – I am more apt to pay attention (while awake) to the one-off dreams about squirrels attacking me with toothpicks than the recurring dream of walking through a carpark while somebody stands behind me, who I never actually see no matter how quickly I turn around (that’s my most unpleasant and therefore most memorable recurring dream – I also have pleasant dreams set in the elementary school that is at the top of the car park’s stairs, so I know while I am dreaming that if I make it to the stairs my dream will stop being scary).
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