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Dream a little dream : Response By: lobstah

Thanks so much, jamjam. In my description of the dreams, I failed to mention that most involved a task or decision that was made more difficult due to the circumstances presented in the dream. This fits in with what you describe in the second paragraph.

For instance, in one dream I am taking some family members to a Broadway show, and instead of using normal means of transportation, I decide to use a sailboat. There is water available for wherever I steer the boat, but the rest of the street is normal, and filled with traffic. I remember feeling frustrated that some cabs would not allow me to to turn where I needed to, and I was forced to go past my destination. The scene that I remembered as I woke was: Me, looking down angrily at a cabbie, who was ignoring me. This was the same scene that popped into my head on the next night. For some reason, I can still recall all the details of that scene; the colors, the water rushing by, my guests – all dressed in formal attire, the cabbie.

This happened over 6 months ago, and for whatever reason, once I experience one of these events, they seem to stick with me.
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