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an Angel of the Lord : Response By: The Confessor

I am naturally skeptical of paranormal activity.

Thus, my first suggestion would be that you take steps to definitively ensure that this certainty of yours is not a symptom of some psychiatric condition.

(1) Say no to drugs, especially if you want to confirm that your presumed talent is independent of earlier usage.

(2) Keep a journal of your dreams. Focus espcially on the details therein, such as names, dates, room dimensions and colors.

Given that most dreams are forgotten in the course of waking up, it’s possible (if your dreams are truly prophetic) that you are forgetting far more prophecy than you ever remember.

(3) Share this journal with a psychiatrist.

If possible, keep the bulk of your writings in his custody to better verify the independence of your dreams from the events which seem to correspond to them.

(4) If your presumed talent is verified, your next task would be to investigate its nature.

Do your dreams represent what *may* happen or what will happen?

Armed with knowledge of the the future, can you then change that future, or are you a modern-day Cassandra, doomed for foretell only what cannot be changed?
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