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Can Poltergeists be banished?!

I am a new member having yet to meet all of my 30 posts to adequately have more access, but I do have other posts on threads as in questions and replies to other members as well. So far, a member that has been on this site for quite a while has mentioned to me about these occurrences being either demonic or poltergeist. There is a long story and much that entails all this including my prepping the house today for the SECOND paranormal group to come and hopefully provide us with answers. We were left with a bigger mess and more unanswered questions after the first team and the tv shows, movies, and such DO NOT display the TOLL this takes on one’s home/family. I was just wondering if anyone knew if this turned out to be a poltergeist, can they be banished?! Are poltergeists tied to people, family blood lines, curses, property, and/or artifacts.

Now, some I have been getting A LOT OF is people saying that this is just manifestations of pent up emotions being displayed from someone in the home… THIS CAN’T BE true….. Neither one of us have PENT UP emotions. I am sensing that there is more than one thing going on here and I informed Kevin that there was something tied to this land long before we got anyone involved and there is something here that was tied to Kevin’s dad before his passing years ago. He did bring artifacts <hand carved wooden statue and mask> back from Vietnam when he was in the war and I am unclear as to if this dark shadowed male faceless figure is tied to them, the blood line from a Vietnamese that could have possibly gotten a hold of something personal of Robert’s <Kevin’s dad> while he was over there, potentially tying something to the family, or the other possibilities, but ONE THING IS EVIDENT, there is a negative, sadistic energy/force in this trailer that not only is tormenting us but our dogs as well. The tormenting of the dogs was caught on the audio from the first group.

Unfortunately, I am UNABLE to post the evidence that we have stacked here like the audio, pics, and word document of events <about 8-10 pages> due to my new status… We are okay with the spirits that are here, provided they do not intend harm and we know there are about 5 of them with Kevin’s dad being one of them and Robert’s mom <Carmen~ Kevin’s G’ma>. Now, not only has this shadowed male displayed himself, but there is now a black shadowed faceless female that seems to be drawn to our bedroom when we go to bed. We have woken up to being marked with bruises, bites, scratches~ finely placed together in three and deep enough to leave scars, and I have even been woken TWICE to having been choked with the taste of ‘sweet ashes’ in my mouth like someone poured sugar and ashes mixed down my throat and held off my windpipe. There is so, so much more to even type out, but one thing for sure, items have been moving by themselves as well. AnnaBelle <our Boxer mixed> has been seen by me adamently <SP> watching the ceiling and following/trailing something in a slow, stalkerish type mode as something has crossed the ceiling from the kitchen to the living room. We have been growled at even in broad daylight. We live in a trailer with 2 window panes per window, slots on sides in about 4 places all way down on each window to catch window or place in different opened positions, and the holders/latches on either sides of each window to catch each window and ALL OF THEM have SLAMMED SHUT at one time immediately following the trailer shaking one time when I was drawing up a hot bath in the garden tub.

I was just wondering if there was ANYONE out there that has more knowledge about poltergeists and if they could be banished….or if it depended upon the situation…. I know I have heard that if it is tied to the property, then to leave and I am researching the property as far back as I can as we are managing all this that has been going on while I’m being a FT student and he is working FT <night shift, unfortunately leaving me here with the dogs alone> and we are BOTH sensitives I suppose and have had abilities to see, hear, and other things since childhood which I know will inadvertently increase the activity as well. I’m also sensing that this thing is wanting our attention…. It has it…. We just don’t know why or what the message is that is trying to convey. I have started digging the bigger of two sink holes that have appeared since all this activity as well and the team coming tomorrow is bringing equipment to help me reach the 6 feet mark while investigating indoors as well.

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