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Curious about the Aswang legend.

Howdy, Villagers! I recently married a beautiful Filipina from Metro Manila. During the whole dating period, the subject of likes/dislikes came up and I mentioned to her my like for paranormal. She then explained to me that she thought her younger sister was stalked briefly by an Aswang when she was pregnant. The more we talked, the more I realized she was serious about this belief! I am asking for anyone’s input into this legend, aside from doing a basic Google search (which I have already done!) I found it very interesting that as she described the creature (a flying upper torso of a vamperic-like female), it reminded me of something from my old D&D days. Sure enough, on page 71 of the Fiend Folio, there is a creature called Penanggalan, which fits the bill to a T!! Most of the creatures portrayed in the game are ones based off of legends, so it made sense. Why it just happens to be the most detailed-described creature in Folio is …..also interesting. So again, anyone with tales, sightings, or otherwise, please post it! Thanks!
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