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Cursed earrings cause death.

I have been on this site before however never posted anything not sure if I’m in the correct section.

This still bothers me more then anything & thought other’s might take it as a precaution to buying or accepting ANYTHING that you get that deep down bad feeling from. About 8 years ago I went to a jewelry store in Laguna Beach CA and while shopping with my friend came across a pair of blood red teardrop earrings. I have no idea what the stone was but the hooks were both tarnished & to be honest I did NOT want to even touch them. My friend & the shop keeper talked me into buying the pair saying they would look great with my dark hair… well with extreme hesitation I got them. About a month later I wore them for the first time & sure enough I had a terrible, creepy feeling all day. Just about a week later a very beloved friend of mine died in a freak accident at my home! Scared knowing for sure with out a doubt it was the earrings that caused the accident & (yes I had reservations about this) gave them to a coworker/friend that was a spiritual person thinking she’d “take care of them”. Sure enough a month later owning them, her beloved Aunt in perfect health died!!! I told her I thought it was the earrings & couldn’t apologize enough to her! She said she knew it was the earrings & angry at herself for accepting them she said she took them to a friend of hers to be cleansed in the ocean during a ritual & what happed after that too them I have NO idea. But recently I have been thinking about them & don’t know why all of the sudden after all of these years but I just felt for some reason I should share my cautionary tale!

Does anyone know what a blood red stone might be used for & does this sound like a familiar story???
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