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Deciphering my dreams question

Most of my dreams are either exactly the same or have recurring themes. Help me decipher them. I have a very good memory and somehow it helps me recall the dreams I have every night. This is quite cool as they are very complex and often entertaining to tell other people; it seems that the great amount of details makes them amusing.

However, what bothers me is that they are either similar in content (sometimes exactly the same) or have the same recurring themes:

1) I am locked in a house and there’s somebody else inside, most of the times a robber. This prompts me to wake up and check all the doors for the nth time.

2) I’m in an airplane that crashes but I survive, though very hurt. (I do a LOT of business travel, so that may be a hint)

3) I kill my own family (parents and brothers), usually with a firearm. (In real life I have no problems with my family and never touched a gun)

4) Somebody is beating me up and I can’t hit back (my punches are like those of a little girl), or somebody’s chasing me (to try to rob me) and my legs won’t move, I lose control over them.

5) I’m drowning. Sometimes this is mixed with 2): I’m at a plane that crashes on the water and I keep drowning there forever.

6) I fly. Not like the superman or anything, but very small flights above other people in closed spaces. Example: i’m at a party and I amuse people by demonstrating my ability to sustain a few seconds of levitation above them.

My former girlfriend is a psychologist and she says I have a knack for analyzing other people (she asks me questions about herself on a regular basis) and even their dreams (same), but I can’t figure out what to think of mine.

What are some common interpretations of the themes listed above?
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