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Dream a little dream question

Two nights ago I woke up while I was in a vivid dream. Last night, just before I fell asleep, the previous night’s dream came back to me out of nowhere. Not a repeat, but more of a “previously on” moment like TV shows do. Has anyone else experienced this or know what causes it ? Sure, there’s some This occurs maybe 3-4 times a year, and always facinates me. I am not consciously trying to recall the dream, I’m just trying to fall asleep. The only consistant factor seems to be that the dream had been interrupted somehow, ie; alarm clock, phone, that sort of thing. The dreams are varied in nature, but not usually scary in any way. At the moment I wake up, I am aware of the experience, but once I go back to sleep, or get up, it is completely forgotten until it returns the next night. Is this common, or am I bonkers ?
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