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This happens quite frequently within my family. We would have similar dreams on the same day/night or just days apart. We wouldn’t know about it until we talk to each other. This would happen between my sisters and I and I find it creepy sometimes. And it’s just not between my sisters and I. It’s happened with my mom and aunt too and they live about 5 hours from each other.
For example: Shortly after my grandmother passed, my mom had a dream that her nephew came to her telling her to tell grandma to stop coming to their house and that she doesn’t live there anymore. A few days later, she was talking to her sister and her sister says she has a similar dream, except that it was the older brother that came to her and he said the same thing.
Is it because we are so close that things like this can occur? Is someone or something trying to tell us something?

ANOTHER TOPIC IS: I believe in the supernaturals even though I have never experienced any sightings before. Feelings? Sometimes but I usually just shrug it off. I believe my father and mother has the sixth sense even though they don’t talk about it. The most that’s happened to me are dreams. If I wake up from one of them and bothers me all day, short time later, something similar would happen.
Any thought on this???
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