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Event Listing How To

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This is an example of a post made to advertise a venue or event. By posting a listing you can attach images and further information about the event or venue, plus enable visitors to add their comments and follow up reviews to your event.

Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball

To add an event you must be registered and request free contributor access, via the contact form. Once your request has been accepted, log in, then click the ‘Site Admin’ link to see the options. Select ‘Write’ and enter the details about the event including venue details, images etc., Don’t forget to add keyword tags and a relevant category for your posting, then click the ‘Save’ button.

Don’t forget to use a unique name in the title otherwise you will not be able to find your event listing in the postings. This can be the name of the venue, band, artist or event title.

You may now use the ‘Preview this Post’ button to check your post before publishing it to the website. Next, go to the GigPress section to submit an event. Complete the fields in the add a new event section then use the drop down boxes to select the event type (as part of a Tour). Next use the drop down box to find the related post you have just created and click ‘Add Show.

The event details or posting details may be edited later from the ‘Manage’ section or ‘GigPress’ section in the control panel.

Please note that only psychic and spiritual related events are accepted. All submissions are reviewed and may be removed at our discretion and without notification.

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