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Ghost Meter Pro

On our videos we use a VERY controversial piece of equipment called The Ghost Meter Pro EMF Sensor
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This is basically a modified EMF detector with a special mode that senses changes in the quantum flux and supposedly allows spirit energies to manipulate the unit to answer yes or no questions via the “pings” of the needle.

At first I was as skeptical as anyone as to the validity of this mode… So I contacted the makers who verified that it is not a game nor a gimmick… Then I found two articles on the net that also explained the workings of this unit and reviews that verified it’s operation…

However, I wanted my own proof, so I started using it… The results have been astounding… All of the answers we get have made sense. We test it extensively and have asked it questions we already knew answers to and it was correct… We have also had EVP evidence that validated the answers on the Meter…

Though I still may not be 100% certain about this device… I am now over the 90% mark for sure! … You can see it in operation in almost all of our videos through the link in my signature.
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