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Haunted Arby’s – Colorado Springs, CO

Several years ago I was reading through the Haunted Places Index on theshadowlands.net and happened to notice a listing for a haunted Arby’s restaurant in Colorado Springs, CO:


Colorado Springs – Arby’s – around 1996 to 1997 a manager was shot in the Arby’s parking lot by one of her own employees. Several things happen here, for instance whispering in the lobby, things moving from where you had put them to somewhere else in the store. so far the things have only happened when the person is alone. People have seen a lady walk from the front of the kitchen all the way out the back door. Sometimes when the opener is alone in the morning they may here their name being called by a man. When you close the store and put the chairs up the same 12 chairs every night will be found the next morning or later that night down again when NO ONE was anywhere near them. many other things happen there it is a very scary place.

There was no address listed, but I remembered there was an Arby’s on E. 31st that had shutdown suddenly back in the late 90’s. I ate there several times and was rather startled to pull into the parking lot one day to see that the place was locked up and deserted. Why would a popular fast-food restaurant like Arby’s suddenly shutdown when it was located in a high traffic area next to several popular tourist attractions? It didn’t make sense to me, but I soon forgot about it. Oddly enough, the little one hour photo booth in the bank parking lot next door also folded up at the same time and never re-opened.

I don’t recall ever hearing about an Arby’s manager being shot at that location, but it all made sense once I read the story in the Haunted Places index. I recalled that this particular Arby’s was an older one, probably built in the 70’s, and rather than having booths or tables, it had about a dozen or so bar stools pushed up against a long counter top in the front of the store. I remembered that the employees would invert the bar stools on the counter at night so the floors could be mopped, and then they’d set them down again in the morning when the day shift came in. It definitely fit the description of the Arby’s I knew since the one on Garden of Gods Rd. was more modern and only had booths rather than chairs.

With all this in mind, I had planned on taking some pictures of the place the next time I was in Colorado Springs. Imagine my surpise when I got there on March 3rd, 2006 and saw this instead:

What was once an Arby’s and a FotoMat is now the future home of the Bank of Broadmoor. Somehow I feel that whoever or whatever was causing the disturbances at the Arby’s is still there, tied to that particular spot of ground. I wonder how long it’s going to take before bank tellers start gossiping about things missing or chairs that won’t stay put? 😉
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