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Haunted Civil War Battlefields

I’ve had time to make more visits to a lot more Civil War battlefields,since last noted, and it seems the one things all the battlefields and some of the near-by towns is the evidence of “paranormal activity”. Things from “solid apparitions”, just showing up, vanishing, walking through walls, you just name it.To “voices”, minus the bodies, sounds of battle,screams, yells, a lot of which can be understood and whether the last soldier who spoke them wore blue or gray. from New Orleans to Vicksburg,throughout the South, all over Virginia, as far north as Gettysburg, PA. It is suggested that to have life jerked away from one suddenly might leave the effect of the deceased not knowing they were dead or not wanting to leave the scene of their demise, along with about 9 or 10 others theories as to why they were still “around”. We’ll look at the 3 most outstanding later.
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