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Haunted Great Lakes Ships

I have heard of weird things happening on Canada’s Great lakes. Everything from seeing sea monsters by Two Harbours Minnesota to Mermaids at pie Island in my home town of Thunder Bay Ontario , Canada The Lake Head of Lake Superior. The biggest and badest of all the great lakes. I have worked in a lot of weird places and situations and have had a few weird and un explained situations happen to me. Years ago I was a security and fire watch for a company that contracted us to watch and secure Three Great Lake ships. I did day shift and night shift jobs and never had been scared and uneasy as the shifts I work on a ship called The Atlantic Erie. While doing a roving shift in the four tunnels down below the cargo holds, inside the three front cargo holds , and on the top deck. The company that hired us was taking 130,000 lbs of damaged steel out and replacing all over the ship. We walked the four dark poor lighted tunnels that ran parallel to the two main unloading conveyor belt that the ship used to unload there cargo ie coal salt. While walking in the bow of the ship ( front) didn’t matter if you were in the tunnels , outside on the deck or in the cargo holds. You always felt like you were being watched by someone or something. While working the nightshift it seemed to be even worse. I wasn’t the only one that felt this the welders would not work by them selves because they felt a very un easy present. Once I brought it up they all got freaked out and said the same as me they felt like something bad had happened. Once I worked a holiday night shift no one was around but me and the gate keeper a mile away. I felt a very uneasy presents of a female like she was trying to get me or wanted to contact me. I forgotten to tell you that this was during the winter and it was so cold that it was the first time in 50 years that lake Superior froze solid. But any ways while walking down in the bow of the ship at about 3:00 am I was freaked all of a sudden there was a giant bang behind the wall in the ballist of the ship. I went running thought a bomb went off. I went to my trailer and while sitting in my chair trying to calm myself down I realized it was a weld that broke probably from the cold shrinking the steel. While sitting with the window to my back. I started to get the feeling I was being watched again. And then I was listening to the radio at the same time I can’t remember which songbit was but it was saying she’s going to get you watch out you better run she’s going to get you. Wow you want to freak out . When I went back down in the tunnel by were the big bang was there was a large piece of steel that had shifted. It has been a very long time since I have worked on that ship but I have driven past it while it was docked getting it’s cargo I still got that sick feeling. My family are native Canadians and i remember my great uncles doing native rituals that I didn’t really understand but I felt something wasn’t right with that ship. If anyone knows any stories about the Great Lakes ship called The Atlantic Erie please write me and tell me the story. Me and at least 35 other people felt very weird feelings on that ship. Oya when I talked to the welders about that big bang they said no it wasn’t the weld it was the steel that broke it self and there was no way it could have broke and popped out in the tunnel they said inwas lucky that I wasn’t killed. Tell me what you think.
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