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Haunted Mall

I don’t know how well known this is but to me is came as somewhat of a shock; West Edmonton Mall is haunted. A portion of it is anyways. It seems since this mall is so big and always crowded it would be hard to notice anything strange unless you work there. I am one of the many people that are employed by the mall. This is just one department of the mall. I do not know if people of other departments notice anything but anyone in mine will you tell that the souvenir shop near the food court isn’t always as quiet as it appears.

I began to notice something was not right in the warehouse (the name given to the basement room that holds the extra merchandise for the two stores owned by the mall) when I was left alone down there. In all fairness unfinished rooms in basements have always been somewhat eerie but this place is beyond eerie. I was pricing product to go up to one of the two stores when the temperature dropped suddenly and I was forced to put on the winter coat I had brought with me that day. Normally this room wasn’t that cold and all you needed was a light sweater to keep warm. The cold lasted the entire time I was alone and didn’t warm up even after my boss and supervisor were back down to finish up some work. They even commented that it was colder than usual and were forced to put on something warmer as well. It started to warm up when we began to ignore the chill.
I have not worked in the warehouse since (not by choice. They have someone else pricing down there now) but I have heard plenty of stories from my coworkers about their own creepy encounters.
One of my supervisors is often down there to collect product to put on the shelves and will either leave the radio or tv on to keep her company for the minutes she is down there. When she turns the tv on, she often forgets to turn it back off when she goes to leave. She will leave the room and come back a little later to find the tv off or on (it turns off if she leaves it on and it turns on when she remembers to turn it off). The radio is very similar. She will leave the radio playing when she leaves (and isn’t using the tv) and will come back to find it off. Sometimes the station is even changed but this is rare.
A coworker of mine was recently promoted to Shift Leader (like a supervisor without the pay) and will go to the warehouse to collect the various supplied needed in the stores. Often when down there she hears the sound of the chairs squeaking as if someone just stood up. Our chairs down there are ones that go down a little when you sit on them and go back up when you stand up. When someone stands up and the chair goes back up, it makes a squeak. It’s this squeak that can be heard when she is the only one down there and wasn’t sitting on one of the chairs.
From what I have been able to gather, the warehouse was once a restaurant but was changed to storage for some unknown reason. It’s creepy using the bathroom down there because it feels as if you are being watched and it makes it almost impossible to go (in my opinion anyways). Sometimes the sounds of dishes clanging can be heard but this is rare as well.

The souvenir shop on the main floor also has it’s own oddities. The store is often empty because not a lot of people right now are looking for souvenirs so we sit behind the counter or walk the floor with only the store music playing and feel we are not alone. Often a strong smell of perfume or cologne will hit us when we are behind the counter and the store is empty and has been so for quite a while.
One of the items we have for sale is a laughing cat that is motion activated. And when the store is empty and we are behind the counter with will start laughing on it’s own. We are well out of it’s range and yet it laughs, adding to the atmosphere that all is not well.

The bathing suit store next to the water park is also haunted. I’m not down there a lot so I don’t have many stories but am working on it. One such story is bathing suit hangers randomly falling off the bars as if someone brushed against them when the store is empty and we are no where near them.

Got any haunting stories of the Greatest Indoor Show on Earth? Please feel free to tell me. I would love to hear more
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