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Hello From CT

Hello All, I have been trolling around this site for years and have evevn posted a few times as Boocifer Spooky. But after Moving to CT from NC, I began an Association here that is Faith Based in its paranormal research. I would like to introduce the arrival of the Paranormal Activity Association of America in the Connecticut area. We are FORMERLY of NC yet still hold strong ties there.

The Paranormal Activity Research Association of America (P.A.R.A.A.) is an organization devoted to the study of paranormal phenomena primarily in, but not limited to the New England area. We are a group of researchers hailing from various backgrounds with a vested interest in the paranormal from a fortean perspective.

Our aim is to study unexplained occurrences that happen in the New England AND abroad areas with the aid of a variety of scholarly approaches: anthropological, cryptozooligical, folkloric, historical, parapsychological, religious, sociological, as well as a host of other methods. In summation, We approach the paranormal from a Fortean perspective, with a lean on violent hauntings (Demoniacal Activity), while maintaining the open-minded attitude necessary for such research.

We operate from a Biblical perspective in our investigations. We have experienced investigators, historians, a Biblical Demonologist / exorcist, and staffing on a per diem basis such as medical staffing, psychologists, contractors, etc to call upon for their expertise.

We look forward to developing friendly relationships with you all.
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