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How Does it All Work.

I am very serious about these questions and I thank everyone who sincerely answers them.
First please allow me to say as with many if not most people I have my own beliefs but I am setting them aside because I want to hear any an all perspectives without bias or preconceived notions.

In many ghost stories there are suicides is that a punishment for the act of suicide to be forced to stay I guess maybe I can say between realms?

And as to good and evil is there a hell or a place like that or is that the punishment for being bad or evil to stay between realms ?
Is there any punishment of any kind at all involved , I mean it hardly seems fair that someone real bad like Hitler gets a joy ride into the next world or reincarnated into a good life on this planet or any planet in any universe or dimension does it now?
Are there demons and evil spirits? Human? Alien ? What are the penalties for wrong doing if any .
What rewards if any for being a good decent moral person ?
No difference ? difference?
How does it all work.
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