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I died….and then returned

It was a typical day. I didn’t feel well, but couldn’t quite put my finger on what was wrong, so I decided to go into work anyway. Once at work I started working at the computer and remember darkness around the edges of my vision as I was looking at the keyboard. The next thing I remember was hearing voices and slowly realized I was on the floor. Then I recognized Mat, the veterans representative, over me. Apparently he had been giving me CPR, but I had no recollection of it at all.
I was taken to the hospital and spent the next two days in ICU. After they couldn’t figure out what had happened to me, I was transferred to a main floor for observation. After the transfer I was at the edge of the bed cleaning up a bit. The next thing I experienced was voices, overhead lights moving past, severe pain in my face and the realization I was moving on a gurney. As I became more aware of my surroundings and asked ,”What Happened?”; I was told I did a face plant on the floor and was going for a CAT scan. My next brilliant question was “Huh?” I had a massive heart attack and was told my heart rhythm had been “incompatible with life”. Technically, I was dead for several minutes. They administered CPR and had to hit me several times with a defibrillator to bring me back.

No tunnels of light, no visions of the next world, no passage of time, nothing, it was like turning a light switch off and then back on while I was on the gurney (probably for the best as I was told that I flopped around alot from the defibrillator and probably wouldn’t want to remember that anyway LoL). Frankly, it wasn’t what I would have expected. Slowly I have come to realize that the Bible, and Jesus Himself, referred to death many times as “sleeping”.
If my experience was typical, then the following begs to be answered: During my paranormal investigations I photographed, recorded and interacted with non-corporeal entities. To myself and “sensitives” I worked with, these entities presented themselves as human; However, we never could conclusively prove if they were human, or nonhuman.

If we “sleep” when we die then the entities we interacted with had to be nonhuman and they must therefor have an agenda. What is it? I don’t know for sure, but I do know that everyone we met that was “ghost hunting” was ALWAYS drawn deeper and deeper into the occult. Perhaps this is the purpose in itself?

I cannot say that this is what definitely happens to everyone who dies, I can only base my conclusions on my own near-death experience and logical deduction from several years of paranormal investigation.

Just something to think about…………
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