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I think my house is haunted..but I’m not sure. Help??

I’m not really sure how to start this off but basically, I think my house might be haunted. It was built in the mid 30’s and is surrounded by houses also built around the same time. My mother and I just moved in about 3 and a half months ago at the start of my senior year in high school and things have been getting progressively worse.

It started out with small things like hearing things move around and footsteps in the attic but then after two weeks of living here something really weird happened. One night me, my best friend, and our boyfriends were all in my room watching t.v. just goofing around. All of the sudden my two dogs started going nuts and I just thought it was because my mom had gotten home from her boyfriends house (the dogs always get excited and start barking when she gets home). Well our boyfriends thought it would be funny to scare my mom when she walked in, so they went and hid behind the doorway in the hall. Now this is the weird part, we heard keys jingling in the lock and the door opened halfway but then when the guys started yelling the door slammed shut. They went outside to see if my mom had gotten scared and ran to her car but her car wasn’t in the driveway. Freaked out, I called her and she told me she was still at her boyfriends house. We called the cops in case it was somebody trying to break in but they never found any signs of forced entry.

After that happened things went back to normal for a while, until a few weeks afterword when i was standing at the kitchen sink and i saw somebody dressed in a black and green stripped shirt walk by into my mothers bedroom. Thinking it was my mom, I walked into her room also but it was empty. Later when i told my mom, she just thought i was seeing things. A few nights later, my friend had spent the night and had gotten up around 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom and claims she saw a man sitting in the recliner in the living room. She told me he just sat there staring at the fire place. She got scared and just went back to her room and stayed there until I woke up.

We still continued hearing footsteps and things moving but now we would hear like someone is using keys to open the lock on the front door. Every now and then I’ll be on the couch and it sounds as if my mother is home and she’s opening the door but I’ll go check and nobody will be there. Even she has heard the keys in the door noises.

I think the worst of it happened today though. This morning I was called to get checked out of school because the dog I’ve had since kindergarten had died. But it’s the way he died that makes me think it was something else that did it. Every morning when my mom leaves for work my two dogs always bark and run after her. Well this morning she shut the door behind and she heard a loud bang. When she oped the door back up, she saw that the metal piece that is part of the fire place had fallen over and onto my dog (he was a little Yorkie). When she pulled the metal off, he was already gone. It had crushed him. The thing is, that metal piece had been screwed into the wall so I see no possible way that it just fell over. I have a gut feeling that it wasn’t just some freak accident.

I’ve always had a weird feeling about this house but now I know there is something wrong about it. Am I crazy or is my house possibly haunted? Help me please!
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