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In need of help, looking for answers

I’ve looked everywhere since I’ve been a little girl for someone to help me, and I’m hoping here I can find some answers.

I’m sure on this site there are a lot of people claiming to be sensitives or mediums. Probably have some big elaborate stories about seeing a figure next to their beds, or hearing bumping noises in the night.

Since I’ve been a little girl I’ve seen, heard, and felt things I couldn’t explain. Not just in one or two places, but a vast majority of places I go.
My brother, who to a smaller extent has the same problems, if you would choose to call them that, was raised like me, which meant you didn’t talk about it. And we never did.

But as I got older, more and more things happened that I can’t explain away, some of things I just can’t shake my head at and ignore.

When I was six I saw my deceased great grandfather standing behind my grandmother, her daughter. I described him perfectly, down to the cane he was holding and his height. I have never seen a picture of him before in my life. Ever. I didn’t even know his name.
While at a old church/college a few towns over when I was four, my aunt caught me talking to what seemed to be thin air. I told her I was talking to a priest. She started lecturing me on the penalties of lying, when a nun walking by heard my teary eyed description and stopped my aunt, telling me there was in fact a priest fitting that description that passed away several years earlier, and where we were standing was one of his favorite places to come think.
I’ve seen things in my house. A young boy who I can describe down to the buttons on his jacket, who had a thick shadow falling over his eyes. A tall man walking from the front door up the stairs and back again. Feel a heavy stare coming from the bathroom corner, which I recently found out use to be the master bedroom of the house. Heard footsteps out my bedroom door at night. rustling and whispering in the corner of my room, I can’t say how many nights I’ve spent on the couch, and how many of my friends have refused to stay in my room, even though most of them don’t know about the things I’ve heard and seen.
I’ve been shoved in a graveyard after feeling uncomfortable and watched for several minutes.
Been overcome with intense emotions I can’t explain away.
 Been so uncomfortable in people’s houses because of things I felt that I was forced to leave, thinking of some lame excuse to tell the person on why I had to go. 

The only person I’ve ever talked to about it openly in my family is my mother, who still feels uncomfortable talking about, and my grandmother. My grandmother is full blood Irish, and very, very superstitious. She is convinced I am a full blown medium or sensitive.

I don’t know what I am. I’m not claiming to be anything, but I would like some answers. I thought for years I was crazy, but I know now that’s not it. I’ve searched most of my life for someone to help me, but have only MET one “medium.” She was at a festival. Really typical hokey stand with a crystal ball. I was watching her because there was nothing better to do. She suddenly looked up from the middle of a reading, walked out of the stand, took my hand, and said I have “abilities”. Shocked and embaressed from all the stares, I jerked away and left. I regreted it later, but she was never at that festival again.

How do you know if you are a sensitive, or a medium? Or that I’m just flat out crazy? And if I do have “abilities” what am I suppose to do with them?

I’m so tired of hiding this, and not knowing what to do with it, or how to control it.
Please, if you have any opinions, or know anyone who could help me, I’d appreciate it more then you could possibly know.
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