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Knew before I knew. Is that wrong?

I remember as a young child that there was something wrong with the new house my parents built to order in Spokane Washington. But I wouldn’t call the experiences haunting’s. I could feel and hear things that I kept to myself. We had a field in our backyard and it seemed that I could sense the people who had been there before. Mind you I was 7 or 8 and really had no clue what sensitive was or anything about being so. But I remember that I could hear the sound like someone running through the grass if I laid back and was quiet. I remember green spots floating through the air. But most of all I remember an Indian “boy”. He would come out of the closet in my room surrounded by a green glow. He would poke me on the side to wake me up and then he would laugh, look at me, turn around and walk away. This happened for quit a while and I remember one night saying “Leave me alone” After that he never came back. When my paternal grandmother died she came to me but only to talk and she was always sitting on a rock and when my maternal grandmother died I called her for no reason the day before she died just to tell her I loved her. We hadn’t talked in months. But since then I think I have been a little closer to sensitive in a different way. I seem to see things months to a year in advance. I have seen black fire orbs (slow enough to follow with my eyes). I have experienced pain at the same time as several tragic death. And lately on occasion I have seen shadows that basically just made me think,”I know I just saw that”. I never am afraid when this happens. I just wonder who it is. I think that (because it has never been harmful) I would like to become more open to learning how to understand what this all means and to for lack of a better word. Use it for understanding. Any thoughts and tips would be greatly appreciated.
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