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Made me wonder….

I won’t bore you all with the long story but the short if it is that several years ago I began looking into the idea of spirit guides. When I started reading up on it and looking more and more into it, for some reason I kept getting this name Jacob that seemed to resonate in my head for no reason that I could place. After not coming to any conclusion one way or another on the topic I ceased my studying but didn’t forget the name Jacob. I should also add that I never spoke to a single living soul about the name Jacob.

Today, while at work, I was talking with a guy who is very much into Wicca and just general spiritualism. He began to tell me that I am protected by 6 spirit guides and then asked me if the name Jacob meant anything to me, as he is one of the guides. I was pretty shocked, and I am not one to shock easy, but I am curious what if any means others have used to get more in tune with spirit guides.
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