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More experiences close to moving

This is more of a vent post than anything.

I’m simply getting more and more aggrivated because of what is happening in my current residence and all I can think is that this entity does not want me to leave.

From the first night in the house that I’m living in right now I could tell there was something else there. It’s quite an old town house, three stories and it still has all it’s originaly features. It’s now used as student accomidation. The stair case we have is right next to my room, the first night I was here I went through the door to my room into the hallway to say hello to other person that had already moved in. At the time it was only myself, my boyfriend and this other girl that was living there, we were all standing in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs talking. I happened to glance up the stairs and saw a shadow person. If there had been someone else living there I’d have said that it was someone simply standing in the shadows on the stairs because the lights weren’t on so they were dark, but since it was only us three it couldn’t have been another living person.

I brushed this off thinking it was just because I was tired from moving, but then the other resident happened to mention in passing conversation that another person that lives in the house but had gone home for the summer had mentioned that she thought there was something in the house, and it seems to bother her the most wen she was there but when she was away from the house things would start happening to other people. I kept getting glances of this shadow figure and hearing strange noises for a while until this person moved back into the house and then it stopped.

Then at christmas the girl who had the most experience with the spirit went home for winter break. And once again these experiences started happening. To be perfectly honest I had forgotten about everything by this point. But once the girl moved out the electronics in my room started playing up. At first I just assumed it was low batteries in controls sending off dodgy signals and turning the TV on or over etc. but I replaced all the batteries and even at one point took the batteries out of all the controls when I was not using them and this still happened. When my boyfriend wasn’t home I’d hear scratches and shuffling, as well as the odd footsteps outside the bedroom door, I started to check to see if it was one of my housemates playing tricks but there was no one ever there, and this even happened when everyone had left for winter break leaving just myself and my boyfriend in the house. As well as this I started to get the sense of being watched, which I must admit could have just been paranoia from the experiences but it did get to the point where I’d look the bedroom door at night when I was there on my own and I’d make sure to take my phone everywhere with me in the house just in case something happened or there was an unknown intruder that was to blame for this.

The girl I mentioned before moved back in and everything clamed down again, or at least it did for me. Since I didn’t talk to this girl much, she could have been having experiences for all I know.

Pretty much everyone has now moved out of the house now except for myself, my boyfriend and another male resident that basically keeps to himself at the top of the house and is very rarely actually in the house. Now the activity has picked up more and more closer to the point where myself and my boyfriend are going to move out. At first, about June time, the noise outside the door started and the electronics started playing up again. I decided just to ignore this because to be perfectly honest I couldn’t be bothered with it. But now I’ve had things falling on me when I’ve been in the room on my own. Our mini christmas tree came flying off our wardrobe and hit me in the face at one point. Our things have been getting moved around, now I’ll admit that I’m not exactly the most organised person with things so I’ve left out some of the stuff that’s went missing in case it’s simply the fact that I’ve misplaced them but there are some items which I make sure I put in certain places everytime because they’re either so small that if I lose them I wont find them again or they’re really important.

For example I have a pair of tweazers like every girl probably has, since I’ve misplaced many of these when I used to live at home I always put these tweazers either behind the TV on our fireplace or in the bathroom on the sink so that I know exactly where to get them from. On this paticular occassion I’d left them on the sink in our bathroom (no one uses this bathroom but myself and my boyfriend). A couple of days later I went back to get them and couldn’t find them, I checked the fireplace too just incase I’d put them there instead and they weren’t there either. I turn that bathroom and our room upside down looking for them, this may seem strange for a pair of tweazers but I hate losing stuff. They were nowhere to be found, I assumed they must have been knocked and went down the plug hole or something along those lines. A couple of weeks later I’d dropped some money behind the cushion of our couch, I went to get it and there were my tweazers, sitting behind the cushion like they had just been placed there. Strange but fair enough their small, despite the fact I knew I had put them in another room I just passed it off as one of those things.

A couple of weeks later, my keys which I always leave on our table beside the door went missing. My boyfriend and I once again turned the room upside down looking for them and couldn’t find them. I decided to do some washing since it’s obvious I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere that day, I emptied out the washing basket so that I could get some white things together to wash, sitting at the bottom of the basket under some clothes that had been there for almost a week were my keys. The keys which I had used the day before when I was driving to see my mum….

One of the other significant item disappearances and one of the very few incidents that have actually shook me and caused me to feel anxious was my phone. I’d had my phone in my bag from a night out the previous night. I went to get my phone from my bag and it wasn’t there, I was panicing because I had borrowed this phone from a friend so I obviously didn’t want to lose it, I emptied out everything from my bag and organised everything on my bed so that I could make sure I hadn’t missed it. When I didn’t find it I took the house phone and went to call my boyfriend who was staying at his friends house to see if he had moved it. He told me he hadn’t seen it from the night before. When I returned to my room, there was my phone sitting on the bed in the middle of all the things that I had laid out on the bed, as if someone at just placed it there so I’d see it as soon as I came through the door.

Since then my keys have went missing a few more times and have turned up at the back of things at haven’t been moved in weeks at under chairs which are nowhere near where I placed them. At one point I had put them down on the couch and I saw them fall between the foot stool and the couch itself, I left them there while I nipped to the toilet and planned to pick them up when I came back, they weren’t there when I came back. I ended up finding them a couple of hours later under a another chair that we have in our room where all the shoes are kept underneath it.

It is now two weeks until we move out, I’m just wondering what the big finale will be and I’m dreading packing everything up because I’m pretty confident that our belongings will not stay in the boxes.

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