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My Pets Demise: A Flood of Sympathy And Criticism

A writer receives an outpouring of sympathy from some and criticism from others for his observations on Rosie the cat’s demise.

I am truly overwhelmed by the responses to my story about our cat, Rosie, and the decision that it was time to end her life.

People have written to say they were moved to tears. They told their own stories about saying goodbye to a beloved pet, and their stories made me cry.

Of course, I was also called an “indulgent man child first discovering that other beings have worth” and—on fark.com—a “douche.” (Although nine out of ten commenters said I wasn’t a douche, so I take that as a ringing endorsement of my non-douchiness.)

Why such a response? Why the criticisms? And how is life without our cat Rosie?

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