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not sure what to think just looking for some help

Hello all,

I would like to start off by introducing myself, my name is Sal and not sure if my girlfirend will ever use this account to describe her experiences but her name is Heather. We also have a 7year old maine coon cat names Xena and a 1 year old Pomeranian name Roxy. I also would like you to know their names so you guys know who I am referring to.

I do feel a bit awkward about writing this truly because I still have no idea what to think but I know what I have seen, heard and felt and am concerned.

I guess the easiest way to start this off is to give a bit of background for the certain occurances we have been having. The weekend of Labor day (Sept. 1-3) my girlfriend and I moved into our new apartment. It is a private cottage with another tenant who lives upstairs. We dwell on the first floor and have a basement while the tenant only has the 2nd floor. My friends and I decided it would easier to move the furniture in ourselves and most of it was newer stuff so I don’t think whatever we have in our place was attached to any of the furniture. However I do believe something was attached to one of my friends.

Upon completing the entire move on Sept. 1st we sat down for some long awaited dinner and drinks. We had the t.v. on and somehow got to chatting about the paranormal. My friend we’ll refer to him as “Del” started explaining to me the paranormal experiences he has had in the past occur in his home. I have had a few occurences in the past but none that I was ever really worried about because they had seemed completely harmless. Anyway we shared stories that night and then everyone had left.

The next night was Sept. 2nd and I needed some help getting our new “home” in order so I called over the same friends including Del. It was on this afternoon that he mentioned his prior experiences were believed by him to be attached to him. We were moving some boxes around and heard some weird noises coming from different areas of the house but figure it was the upstairs tenant, so we thought nothing of it really and continued on.

That night of the 2nd my girlfriend and I slept pretty good, so upon waking the next morning all seemed okay. During the day of the 3rd, more freaky occurances such as footsteps from different rooms, Xena and Roxy freaking out at walls and it was noted that Xena (the cat) had been staring at the corner of our living room right next to the front door for an unknown period of time.

Xena is a sweetheart, she has never hissed at anyone or period, however we have caught her several times hissing at nothing but air, or a wall. Almost as if there was something right in front of her, but there isn’t, at least nothing visible. I have heard several rumors regarding the extra perceptions pets have regarding spirits and due to the way our animals have been acting recently I believe there are some truths to them.

So that takes us to the evening of Sept. 3rd. Heather and her friend were hanging curtains in our bedroom and I was out in the living room watching t.v. at around 9:45pm. I heard some shuffling sounds and immediately hit the mute button. The noise stopped so I left it muted for another second and then turned the volume back on. Another maybe 5-7 minutes went by and I heard the same shuffling noise, so again I hit the mute button and then I heard the footsteps above. Once I heard that I immediately dismissed it as being the upstairs tenant and resumed watching t.v. Heather and her friend had been in the bedroom and upon finishing hanging the curtains, joined me in the living room only to ask me if I had heard strange noises from upstairs and when I assured them it was more than likely the neighbor they calmed down and her friend left for the night. We went to bed and again all was fine throughout the night.

This past week went by without so much as a hiccup, until this past weeknd. Sept. 7-9. Friday night Sept. 7 was quiet, my friend Del, James, my brother Vin and myself had been sitting in the house watching t.v. getting ready to go out for the night. My friend James went outside to smoke a cigarette and then we all followed a couple minutes later. When we got outside he looked confused. We inquired about his confused look/state and he answered, “I saw an arm, I thought you guys were screwing with me so I went by the chimney to see which one of you it was and there was nothing there, but I swear I saw an arm!” Now I have 2 entrances into the home. 1 front entrance and 1 side one. The side door leads directly into the driveway and has 2 steps from the entry down into it. The chimney rests right next to the left side of the entrance if you are looking at the house so from the front of the driveway, you see the chimney then the entrance and the yard (not sure if you guys can get the vision from that). Anyways he claimed that he had thought he saw someone hiding in front of the mailbox at the end of the driveway and he went to check it out since it was a little dark outside and was worried for the safety of everyone and when he got there and saw nothing he had a sense to turn around and that’s when he saw the arm as if someone were hiding behind the chimney so basically they would be standing directly next to the entrance door in an attempt to hide. he said he bolted to see which one of use was trying to scare him and as he got closer it swayed as if that person was walking away from him. But again there was no-one there. This leads us to when we came outside to find him confused. He wanted to leave so we did.

Saturday Sept. 8th. My friend Del and I are sitting in the living room watching t.v. and hear a noise from the kitchen. Think nothing of it and dismiss it almost immediately. Now here’s where it starts to get weird. On our way out to run an errand we hear another noise in the same area…they both sounded like something hitting against or moving the metal dog cage, which has a very distinct sound. Anyway needless to say we got out of dodge fairly quickly after the second time. Went out to the car and headed to Fedex to ship something. We were discussing the noises we had heard in the car and he repeated that he believes things follow him and i started to believe it as well. Later that night we were back in the living room, experiencing all kinds of noises and the cat staring into the corner of the rooms and hissing. he left and nothing happened.

yesterday Sept. 9. I was home by myself all day, cleaning. Nothing unusual had occured which was comforting, until, I took Roxy outside for a little fresh air. Along the wood fence that lined the property dividing line, stuck between one of the posts and the actual fence boards is a few links of chain. We use it to tie the long dog leash so Roxy can traverse the the grass and concrete for her business and actvities. Anyway I was outside smoking and staring off into space with Roxy not tied to the chain but rather on the short leash in my hand. I was literally staring off so long my cigarette burned itself about halfway down and burned out with the ash hanging off of it. the weird part was when she started going berserk, but I figured she’s a dog and she’s outside, there’s probably some kind of creature up in a tree that she’s locked onto. Well I listened for breaking branches and then heard nothing. Went back to staring after re lighting my cigarette and came too after feeling a chill down my entire spine, starting in the back of my head all the down down to my lower back. When I came to, Roxy was quiet and the chain attached to the fence lifted up and knocked back into the fence. I was scared out of my mind. It literally lifted up and fell back with enough force to make a knock sound. I stared in disbelief for a few seconds and shared some quality expletives with the neighborhood, before grabbing Roxy and running back into the house.

Heather works until around 11pm and is usually home by about 15 after and when she came home, I waited for her to get settled in before I explained all the things that happened over the weekend because she had been working every night of it. She was so skeptical, as I imagined she would be and kept telling me that my friends were just trying to scare me. Well I was comforted by her skepticism and fell asleep.

Now the following is her account from last night, I had not witnessed this. Heather was charged up from her evening shift decided to go into the kitchen and pull out pop-tarts for me for the morning so I could take them to work. Well she did just that. The cabinet door opens up to 3 slender shelves with the bottom one containing some spices, the middle one containing a couple of coffee travel mugs and the box of pop tarts and the top one containing nothing. She reached for the pop tarts and put them out on the counter for me, shut the cabinet and walked into the living room. (10 ft. distance approx.) She claims she sat down on the couch and then a few minutes later she heard a loud sound, and screamed because it frightened her. She though it had been little Roxy getting into some kind of mischief as she was in her cage in the kitchen and walked in slowly to find the travel mug on the floor with the cabinet door open.

Now although that may be hard to believe and let’s just say maybe she did leave the cabinet door open and accidentally knock into the travel mug, why would it have waited almost 10 minutes to fall after contact!?

I truly believe my friend Del left some kind of presence in my house and upon hearing about Heathers skepticism set out to prove her wrong. I would love for you guys to rip these accounts apart and tell me it is all in my imagination and tell me it’s all bullcrap seriously it would make me feel better however after what I have seen/heard/witnessed/felt I don’t believe that this is just all coincidental.

I will continue to post up in this thread if anything further happens, I’m really hoping this is my first and last post regarding any occurences however if anyone has any ideas on how to help in this situation, heather and I would greatly appreciate it.

P.s. Just so you guys know, if anyone was here watching me type this you would have seen how truly freaked out I am. I had to pause several times, not because of the length but because every time I was reminded of these instances I got goosebumps and chills running up not down my back and the sense of someone watching me, and that’s weird bc I am not home, I am at work.

Thanks in advance for any/all help!

-Sal & Heather
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