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Nursing home encounter

I am new to the board and joined because of my experience that I am about to relate.

A friend of mine does salvage work on buildings about to be demolished. A old nursing home that was abandoned years ago is due to be demolished by its city. The central part of the home is a three story victorian with a more modern addition that was added on when room was required.

The city gave permission for salvage work as it is just less they have to haul away and dispose of when the demolition begins. My friend recruited myself and another man that works for him and we went over to begin removal. The men were in the basement sorting and removing old iron for salvage, I was upstairs in the new wing sorting through rooms.

This place is rather bizzare, some rooms are like people just got up and left, all possesions still in the closets and in the dresser drawers. I am a antique dealer which is why I was enlisted in case anything of that sort was found I would know what it was worth or if in good enough condition to warrent removal

I was sorting through a box of early 1900’s books and was facing toward the door of the room at a 3/4 angle. The room I was in was dim as there is no electric in the building. The hallway was much better lighted as it has a door at the end that lets in very adequate light. I had boxed up some items for removal and left them in the hallway. As I sifted through the contents of the book box I saw a figure pass by the door. Thinking it was one of my companions I called out for them to please take a box with them to the trailer. No answer, well my friend is hard of hearing so I got up to stick my head out in the hall and yell louder. No one there. I didn’t think much of it as there were rooms off to the side of the hall about 6 on that wing. I walked down looking for my intended pack person and could find no one there. Weird. I could hear the men in the basement so I went to the top of the stairs and called down asking who had just been upstairs. They insisted they had been in the basement the whole time we had been there. They worried someone else was in the building and came and did a search. no one.

The more I think about it and at first I really didn’t much, but the longer it has been, about 4 days I don’t remember hearing anyone walking down the hall . The place is incredibly silent except for the drip of water coming from the roof which leaks like a sieve. If someone had been walking down the hallway I would have heard them, yet there was no sound before I saw the figure pass the doorway and there was not sound afterwards. No figure either.

What do you all think? Spirit of some long ago departed resident? Is it dangerous, I have heard of things following you home. Possible. Any advice?

Thank you for any constructive advice or suggestions. Whosthere?

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