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Question: Deja Vu

DejaVuFilter: I dream events that will occur to me in the future, on a rather erratic basis. I recognize these dreams when they repeat in the real-world, and sometimes recall the rest of the dream, making it possible to change the outcome of the experience. Does anyone else experience this? Know anything about it? Opinions? [MI] It’s more like a snippet of a dream; a short sequence of events- dialogue, movement, scenery, emotions, senses- everything you can think of that would make up your perception and awareness. They are no longer than twenty seconds, and it’s occasionally possible for me to recall the rest of the snippet, and use that to make a change in what I say or do as opposed to what played out in the dream. They have been happening all of my life- the first time was when I was four, I dreamed about walking through a field on an exercise path. Months later, I walked that dream at my father’s athletic club in New Jersey. I still remember the trees, walking beside my brother, a bee buzzing, and the clarity of the blue sky.

Now, the frequency of this ‘deja vu’ is rather erratic- sometimes I’ll have a few in a week,
then nothing for a month. They also span different amounts of time- I recollect one experience that I dreamed almost 2 years prior to the repeat experience, and yet had other experiences during this interlude.

I know I’m not the only one who has this, but I haven’t talked with anyone who had these experiences in the same way- most people say that they feel they’ve ‘been’ somewhere, not that they are re-experiencing a moment in life, like a movie. Thoughts?
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