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Safety Issues

I was recently reading something concerning an “authentic” haunting. I suspect that the events were legit as the resemble events that have experienced. He ended with a cautionary warning that I cuncur with. He said,

“Should the room seem too cool…take notice.
If the little hairs on the back of our neck rise for no apparent reason…take notice
If you have a case of obvious goosebumps …be aware
Should the air feel heavy or thick …take notice
If there’s a “ringing in your ears” …heed the sound
If you feel immediately agitated for no apparent reason…take notice
If you feel a breeze and no windows are open…be observant
Above all if you feel that you are being watched, you are
If you are thinking of buying this palce or moving in, run don’t walk for the closest exit!

I would add that the atmosphere is also subject to color shift, but that’s about all that I’d add other than if some black amorphous blob tries to kill you it’s a bad sign too.

I also wanted to talk about personality changes etc associated with living in haunted buildings. I have heard this reported before along with energy feeding from corporeal (in the body humans) beings. Do any of you find this plausible and is it a sort of posession, if it exists, or is it something else? Also, I have declined gifts from haunted locales and been reluctant to buy from ebay because of spirit contamination. Any opinions about this?
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