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Spirit Activities or Mental Illness…

Hello Everyone,

I am new to most things paranormal, this website and these boards, so I apologize if I am posting in the wrong place and the wrong way. I have much to say and much to ask, but plase be patient if I am not sure how to go about it and I appreciate if you take the time to read this long post. If you only ant to read about the specific occurence go to the bold section. First maybe some background… I have had many friends die untimely deaths, many friends involved in occult practices (though I myself have no real experience with them), I recently lost a few members of my family (not immediate), I have always lived just outside of the grounds of an old (1880’s), large, mostly vacant and supposedly haunted Psychiatric Center in which some of the buildings are starting to be demolished. I have something from the psychiatric center in my room though it was given to me by someone else and I’ve had it for years. I am bipolar and I have anxiety disorders and I have been changing my medication lately so that could contribute to a lot of the things i am experiencing too but I also wonder if maybe paranormal activity is big problem too.

My mother doesn’t believe in spirits but she is always complaining about weird smells, particularly of perfume or cigarettes/cooking, in our house, that I can’t smell, and also feeling cobwebs on her but only at certain times or places in the house. My father has said he has seen things in the house at night but I don’t know how trustworthy his vision is.

In the past few months I have started seeing shadows from the corners of my eyes that disappear when I turn to look at them. I think I see my cat that died a year ago which is ok if she’s ok, but the other shadows I don’t know. I have a great deal of sleeping issues, when i am medicated and unmedicated, sleeping too much or having insomnia. I hear voices like I am in a large echoing room full of people, sometimes just static and sometimes a voice that sounds like I am talking to myself when I am trying to sleep. I have always had vivid dreams regardless of medication or none, but since i started my new one they have been crazy. Unusual in that they are full of terrible feelings, violence, anger and frustration and people I don’t know, they now cause me to wake up panicked with heart racing feeling like i was being smothered which I had never had before.

The one occurence that sent me here was this morning around 5 am I was dreaming I was a person extremely different from myself in a family I did not know and we were going to a church. I rarely go to church in real life. But what scared the hell out of me was that In my dream, in a manipulative tone, a woman’s voice was saying “The Lord could kill everything in this world at the same time if He wanted to… But that would be too sad wouldn’t it…?” And as she finished saying this I was thinking about it and I woke up from a loud bang because the mirror next to my bed had fallen off the wall. I was too scared to move from bed but today i saw the mirror fell straight down the wall and wedged itself between the wall and the molding by the floor breaking the molding, but the mirror was fine. The sturdy tack it was hung on was cleanly cut off in half. Can ghosts cause something like this?
My parents have owned this house for almost 40 years, buying it just a few years after it was built and we have never noticed things of this nature till recently, why would something like this happen if its related to Spirits? No one has ever died here.

Can ghosts do something like this? Here are my main questions: What kind of ghost or spirit might I be experiencing if I am? How can I protect myself against them and rid them from my home? Can a ghost, spirit, etc, actually hurt a living being? If I get rid of the object I have from the Psych Center would it help and how would I dispose of it? I am terrified of having a person to spirit confrontation and I am also worried that I am just having a greater issue with my mental state. Just want to explore both sides of the situation I guess.

Other things: Can ghosts detach themselves from where they originally were (i.e. demolished psych center building) and find their own way to a new haunting place? Is sterling silver effective in place of silver to repel evil spirits, etc.? I feel like it might be the spirit of someone who was an angry person I was close to in life and I still can’t rid myself can I detach? How?

Thanks for reading this and sorry for the length! Any other releveant advice is appreciated!
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