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I need help

Me and my friend have gotten some encounters with ghosts (I think).
Ok this is what happened to me and my friend will tell her encounter after.
I live in brisbane, australia. When i went down to gympie we decided to take a trip through the bush. When i was there I found an unusual shaped rock (heart shape) it wasn’t exactly natural! On the heart were 2 names, Timothy and Juliet. I didn’t think that was weird but i felt kinda strange. Anyways it was late evening and we came home at about 9 pm. I was very tired so i went to sleep. Then at about 12:20 pm I woke up. And standing in front of me was a girl. i was scared…. very scared. Her skin was pale and she was in a white dress. her hair very long and black. It reminded me of the movie the grudge, but she didn’t look like as if she was gonna kill me any minute. she had a flower in her hair and she was wearing a necklace exactly the same as the one my friend (who was born in gympie) has found when she was younger also in gympie. The thing that really scared me was that she had several wounds. one in the head. please help. tammy

now my friend will tell her encounter and we wanted to know if they connect in any way.

Hi my name is grace, my encounters a nothing at all like tamara’s but its still frightening! So the things that I’ve seen have been happening my whole life but they are getting worse. The thing i see is a black shadow that always changes form. its weird because when I’m with ‘lets say any person’ i see the ghost thingy and i ask them can they see it. EVERYONE SAYS THEY CANT D: . I’m worried that somethings wrong with me because no one else can see it!!!!
i also find it creepy because tammy and i are so close [ like sisters ] and these paranormal things are happening to both of us. IRONIC!! please help us, we think they need help, were not sure!! from grace.
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Big orange mass in the sky

One night i was driving mum home from work and my gaze focused on the road however in the corner of my eye coming from above my windscreen i noticed a huge orange/red mass of light in the sky traveling at great speed. It didn’t seem like it was very high up in the sky either maybe 100-200 metres up, it was circular/oval in shape and just seem to be a big ball of orange light that covered about a fifth of my windscreen in height. It disappeared halfway before i could get a good look at it, just vanished……. I asked mum if she saw the big orange ball up i the sky. She did, but she wasn’t quick enough to look up at it. Ive had my share of weird experiences such as doors slamming on their own, a black hooded figure (nun ghost?) kneeling and in a praying position besides my brothers bed one night, a chilling cold sensation going from my back to the chest while i was lying in bed after forcing myself to wake up from a dream of a huge black mass in the middle of the road that was followed by a long demonic scream, witnessing a exorcism where my 3 year long flatmate started to growl (spine chilling stuff, not like him because he is a very well mannered guy!) in an inhuman tone and his voiced changed while several demons/spirits were being expelled…, etc. But i knew they were ghosts or demons.. But what was that ball the in the sky? a huge orb? UFO..? I live in Australia by the way. Anyone else seen anything similar? This one has me baffled.
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